-Peter,Dallas, TX

I feel very grateful to Pandith Ji for his help.He has resolved my family problem, which was a very big burden in my life. Really i thank you so much Vijay Ji.

-Jean,Austin, TX

“Vijay  was extremely accurate in assisting me and my family in determining the perfect place to re-locate. We were living in a place where life was harder than it needed to be… Now our lives have never been so full. Certainly we cannot credit Pandith Ji for our astrology; however without him we would not have known about Austin Texas which is by far the most perfect place for us to live. I have had many astrology readings and other astrocartography readings besides this one and I would recommend Vijay astrologer over anyone else; beyond his astrological comprehension, his energy, and his communicative abilities (which when dealing with an entire family is extremely important) are among the reasons why I offer this reference.”

-Mosses,San Francisco, CA

Pandith Ji one of the best person i have ever seen. He has solved my career problem very soon which i dint expect first , before approaching him.But after meeting Pandith Vijay Ji i was completely satisfied and began to trust him.Really i feel lucky to meet him in my life, which made me a successful man.

-Edward Hanania

Pandith Vijay Ji, I just wanted to drop you a line to tell you what a pleasure it was to have worked with you. I played the tape of our session to [his partner] and she was just as excited as I was about what you saw happening in my future.

I must say that I awoke this morning with stronger feelings of hope and assurance than I have had in several months! I’m very glad that I contacted you!”

-Jessica Morgan,San Diego, CA

I met Vijay astrolger our daughter’s future and got a very clear understanding of what needs to be done & why things were not working out for her. Things he predicted were very clear accurate and I understood why certain things had happened to my daughter which did not make sense to me earlier.

I really thank Pandith Ji for his guidance…..

-Paul & Jim ,Indianapolis IN

Thanks Vijay ji for the appointment and what makes me come to you is your profile where you have clearly mentioned about no sweet talks but clear cut answers whether bad or good.

Most of the astrologers I have met have been too sweet in words but I am more keen to know reality rather than fantasies.

-Petra Hartt,New York, NY

As you had predicted, the proposal which I have accepted is quite low than the expectations and she is also an earning member & we are going to get married soon. Thank You so much.